Tuesday, November 20, 2012

pen pals

I started this post a few weeks ago and then put it aside, and now i'm lazy so it'll probably be a short one.  Just another opportunity to gloat about how awesome my students are.  An old friend from high school contacted me about doing a pen pal activity with some of her students she is currently teaching in Milwaukee,   I immediately thought of my grade 1 advanced level class and knew they would love the activity. The letters finally arrived and the students were pretty excited, especially since they were accompanied by pictures of the students.  My friend Jess's students are only in sixth grade so they, of course, still have some errors in their writing.  It was funny as my Korean kids were picking out spelling and grammar errors as they read through the letters, but believe me this does not mean theirs were perfect.

I'm hoping we continue the pen pal project however some of my students may do so regardless as they were giving out their email, Kakoa ID and even phone numbers to their new best friends.  Here's a few excerpts from some of my favorite letters:

"Did you eat rice?? It is very very delicious, if you eat rice you never regret about rice."

"Very important sentence! --> Dokdo is the republic of Korea's island AND NOT Japan sea but East Sea"

"My mother is 40 but she looks like 23 years old"

And this one just continued to make me laugh:
"School is very terrible...I'm sure Korean students are the most unhappy people in the world. School starts at 8:30am and ends at 10:00pm. It's not over. We study myself until 1AM. but, don't worry. Except that Korea is the best country in the world...I like E-sport, Korean students spend their spare time playing e-sport (online game). If there aren't e-sports in the world, life will be like hell"

"Korean mothers are very zealous for the education of their children"

oh yeah, and my all star student that introduced himself as "The Korean Justin Beiber - please don't fall in love with me"

These kids are awesome, how will I ever say goodbye?

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