Wednesday, May 25, 2016

If I Had a Million Dollars

Three years ago it seems that I was often writing about my students, either things they did in the classroom that entertained or amazed me, or some occurrence from the rest of our time together.  The past six months I've often had thoughts of "I should write about this" but for some reason those rarely materialize.  The blog has taken a back seat in my life while I pursue other interest and spread my time thin between different outlets, but I'll try to get back into it.  My students although vastly different than those I had at Buksam High School are still entertaining, intelligent and full of fun ideas so it's only fair I share some of this with you.

Last week I presented one of my writing classes with the topic "If I had a Million Dollars", I'm surprised I hadn't done this sooner, but was reminded of the song (and discussion point) while chatting with a friend last week.  This particular class is always filled with energy and bright ideas, so I was hopeful for the writing they would produce. So without further ado, if I had a million dollars...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Promises of Magic Delivered

Feeling better and ready to leave the confines of my house I was happy to have a boyfriend with a weekend (finally) off work, and was able to get out and explore.  Despite waves of boredom or cabin fever I do get really good at being a hermit, finding comfort in my habitat, but I was happy to get out on Saturday.  After a brief meeting with my old friend (enemy) Soju, Friday evening and lots of needed catch-up time with the boy, it was a late start on Saturday.  After waking up he was busy on his phone, no not messaging or screwing around on social media, rather searching for where he was taking me for the day.  I asked twice but got only vague answers, leaving me clueless but surprisingly content.  I usually like to be the one with the plans, so it seems I’ve changed a bit recently?

We finally ventured out around 1pm for lunch, which neither of us had an appetite for (I blame Soju – for everything).  I asked where we were headed next, but the only answer was “Magic.”  He asked if I was okay to drive (ride) for two hours because he wanted to take me to a temple in 밀양 (Miryang), a place I’d never been.  I was fine, after all car naps are always an option for the passenger, but my concern was for him having to drive there and back.  He said no it was fine, so off we went, stopping in 군위 휴계소 for a coffee (and batting cage practice, much to my dismay) before continuing on our way. I asked why this temple we were headed for was ‘magic’ but he told me I’d see once we got there, only hinting that there were three reasons behind his claim, and fish being significant.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Recovery Process Begins

For as high as my spirits were on Monday, I woke Tuesday with a heart and head full of ""  Waking up stiff from head to toe with new aches and pains as I rose from bed set the tone for the day, but I tried to beat it. I was up early so gave it some time before texting Sam to see if we'd be able to go get my bandages changed. He responded that we'd first meet the insurance man at my place around 11 and could go take care of my face after. Like I said before, my mind was anywhere but on the legalities of the accident, but I'd soon have to deal with that too, once again so glad I had Sam.

The two of them were at my door shortly after 11 and after they talked for a while Sam explained "my choices".  Apparently the police were arguing that the accident was in fact my fault, actually this blog post does a good job of describing the details involved with bikes in Korea. The officer said there was no bicycle lane on the sidewalk so I should have been riding on the road, although the sidewalk was divided half red/half white, which in my understanding represents a bicycle lane, but I digress. Thankfully, like I said before, the man that hit me was not an asshole, took responsibility for the incident and was willing to pay for the damages.  Sam explained because of the laws the payout may be less (me taking partial fault) and that I had two choices: 1. A lump sum payment up front or 2. Submission of all medical costs to his insurance with possible additional payments after.  I've still yet to make the decision on this, but either way I feel like things will be okay.  I had a few moments of "what the hell" thoughts as we sat and discussed, but as the meeting came to a close I was feeling better.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Adventures at Andong Hospital

I've completely failed at sharing stories of my adventures, struggles and other details of my second bout in Korea, but that's about to change. It's been a while since my last post, but I'm guessing this one will draw a little attention.  Last weekend, I ventured up to Seoul to meet an old High School friend, Anna. Coincidently we met each other only two weeks ago, when I traveled to Thailand and was able to see Anna in Bangkok, where she's currently living and teaching.  This time around though it way my turn to play tour guide, and I can proudly say I did a fine job of it.  I spent yet another weekend falling deeper in love with this country.  Saturday night we accomplished a full night out in Gangnam, thanks in part to our awesome Couchsurfing host, full of Korean BBQ, Soju, Beer, Chicken Butt, and of course Noraebang (Karaoke).  Sunday followed suit, despite a creeping headache, with more delicious food, a visit to both the Bukcheon Hanok village and Ihwa Mural village, a stop for coffee near The Blue House, quick breeze through Gwangjang Market and ending it all back in Gangnam.  Needless to say we were in bed early and before long Monday morning came and it was time to say goodbye, with me heading back to Andong. Thoughts of "I don't want to work today" were swimming through my mind as I arrived, and as luck would have it I got the day off, but not under the best of circumstances. I got to spend the afternoon at Andong Hospital, after a car decided it'd be fun to knock me off my bike...