Sunday, April 17, 2016

It's All About the Finish Line

The thoughts and opinions that continue to be expressed by my students doesn't always blow me away, but I do have to sit back in a state of awe as I listen sometimes.

Last week during a writing class every student was given a different writing prompt, asked to respond to the answer during our time allotted, after which we would share our work.  The first student had a question of beauty vs. brains, if he could only have one which would it be.  I was happy that he, and the rest of the students agreed that intelligence would trump looks should they have to decide, but it was some of his reasoning that made me shudder.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Great Debate

One of the highlights of my new job is that I'm no longer a puppet teaching 'fun' English classes, these kids are here to learn and my classes are no exception.  My schedule rotates between reading and writing lessons but I also have a few debate classes thrown into the mix. It took me a few lessons to get into the swing of things with the students, understanding what their level was at, their debate style and of course personalities, but now things are going along great.  While not all the topics are received with high praise, most of our lessons have went pretty smoothly, sometimes students have surprised me with strong arguments and unique viewpoints, while other times I've been left in a slight state of shock.  Let me give you some examples...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Road Trippin'

Before taking off for Europe I wanted to spend one more weekend with Hue, also it was technically his summer break and I couldn't just let him sit in Milwaukee the whole time.  If I had thought ahead a bit more I would have planned a real trip, but instead a 6 hour drive north, with stops both in my college town and the twin cities, would have to do. I didn't want to be responsible for a huge group, after all I wanted to have fun this weekend, so my invite extended only to Hue and Jun, both of whom were happy with the plan.  To round out the group I invited my cousin Alivia, smart, independent and with a thirst for knowledge, I'm honored when people say we're a lot alike.  Given the people I'd be spending the next few days with I had high hopes for the trip.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Summer Fun

After partaking on the end of summer trip with Hue and his friends I realized I had some work to do. These students, my new friends, were now on summer vacation and for the most part hadn't made any plans.  I couldn't let them just hang out around Milwaukee, reliant on buses to get them where they needed to go and not knowing what to do with themselves.  I started brainstorming ideas and soon had a list of things not only that I wanted them to experience, but things that would be just as fun for me.  After parting ways at the end of the field trip I ended with 'See you soon' rather than 'Goodbye', and I meant it.