Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just Some Stuff

Well now that I finally wrote a post about Christmas about two weeks after the fact I guess I'll update you all on some of the other random things going on this winter.  Sorry for the extreme laziness with just kind of fell to the back burner. Plus I haven't been on any great adventures so there's not too much to write about.  

I'll just give you updates through pictures instead. 

purple goup,  팥죽  served for 동기 (winter solstice) 

Christmas in Korea

As the Holidays grew near I could sense more of my friends here feeling a bit down, missing family and things going on back home.  I'm not sure if it should make my family proud or sad to know that I didn't really feel too bad not being home for the holidays. I guess it shows that i'm independent enough to survive on my own and understand that I do have a great family back home who continues to support me as I explore the world.  I guess a big part of it too is that i'm loving my life here, all of the people who surround me make it hard to miss another place, I guess i've just always been one to try to live in the moment, my friends and family will always be there next year.