Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just Some Stuff

Well now that I finally wrote a post about Christmas about two weeks after the fact I guess I'll update you all on some of the other random things going on this winter.  Sorry for the extreme laziness with just kind of fell to the back burner. Plus I haven't been on any great adventures so there's not too much to write about.  

I'll just give you updates through pictures instead. 

purple goup,  팥죽  served for 동기 (winter solstice) 

Finally decided to join the gym/spa in town which has proven to be a great investment.  Not wanting to waste the money I make myself go as often as possible...realized I can run a lot farther than I thought I could, and I get to see tons of naked old women in the bath afterwards, but on the bright side it's much warmer than my cold bathroom at home...

Seeing as it's cold and dark by 5pm and i've been sticking around Gumi i've paid a few more visits to Corona and the other various bars in Gumi.  I've had friends ask me if I feel like i'm studying abroad again while living here and as much as I had that feeling before it's even more now.  Work out and go to school all week and then unwind, drink and eat on the weekends....I'm back in college, and it's awesome.
"Hangover soup" delivered right to your door, Korean I love you.
Sticking around Gumi has also given me time to get a lot closer with some of the girls here, and I couldn't ask for better company.  Four of us decided that we had to get out of town and see some new sights so we jumped on a train for Busan to celebrate New Years Eve.  It was the perfect get away and night out...

Happy New Year! 
Train home - not so fun
 Okay so there are other things that I could blog about....the elections, school, more detail of what i've been up to, etc. BUT to be completely honest I'm lazy so that's all you get.  Now I have to go back to packing and getting ready because i'm leaving for Malaysia tomorrow! Try not to be too jealous, I'll think of everyone in WI And Korea that's freezing while I relax on a beach.

Loudine, my partner in crime ;)

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  1. First off...i had my first irish car bomb saturday, so two days ago. lame...i know. and it was at state room, not cocos, but you'll be happy to know that a lot more drinks accompanied the irish car bombs. I don' think you've ever seen me drunk, but the time will come sometime...i promise. it sounds like you drink a lot out there so when i see you next i hope i can keep up with you party animal.