Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Visit to the Capital

After facing the crowds of Thaipusam I had two days to leisurely explore the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.  After talking to friends and reading various blogs/travel reviews I didn't find many must see attractions in the city. I figured i'd stop by the Patronas towers, market, chinatown...and erhh what else? In reality I only wanted to spend a day there but because of huge price differences in airline tickets I had more time. Sunday night after a much needed shower Riz and Angelina wanted to treat me to dinner near the Petronas towers which was not necessary but incredibly nice of them. As we left it again started to rain but thankfully mother nature was for once on my side and the skies cleared up just long enough to get a few good shots of the towers. 

Petronas towers 

Monday morning started slow with Honey Bunches of Oats and Bananas for breakfast - I wouldn't normally be this precise but it was comical to Riz how excited I was at seeing American cereal...he even suggested I take a box back to Korea with me. Anyway, after breakfast Riz and Angelina decided they'd take me to the Lake Gardens for the day, awesome of them to hang out with me and play tour guide on their day off. We started at the butterfly park which was like an adult size version of the butterfly pavilion at the Milwaukee Public museum - really cool and got a few good pictures.

We were planning to get some delicious fish for lunch but unfortunately the restaurant owners also wanted the day off so instead we ate at the bird park, the only other option in the area.  It was overpriced for Malaysian food and really not the best but we did have an awesome view of the bird sanctuary..a few of which decided to come enjoy the french fries at the table next to us.  As we finished lunch and headed for the entrance of the park storm clouds were looming, eventually persuading us to skip the 40RM entrance fee and browse through the free orchid garden instead.

After the park we decided to call it a day and head back to their apartment where I took advantage of the pool and went for an afternoon swim.  That night we ate Indian food at a Hawker stall not far from their house, which was both cheap and delicious - step up from lunch.  Also on the way home we stopped by the market and picked up some Durian, I couldn't leave Malaysia without having tried it! I've heard from friends and locals that the stuff is an acquired taste and was usually told I wouldn't like it, well I guess I really am my fathers daughter (garbage disposal  because I kind of enjoyed it. True that the smell/taste remains with you for a few days but beggars can't be choosers. 

The infamous Durian 
Tuesday night I had to be at the airport to catch my flight to Bali so I figured it'd be best for me to drop my bag in a locker and spend the day exploring the city.  I originally planned to go back to the bird park for a visit but then changed my mind and chose to just wander the city.  I walked around the city center, merdeka square, central market and chinatown which offered sites, shopping and of course food.  Due to a combination of a lack of exciting stories, my lacking memory and laziness in blogging there isn't much to here, look at some pictures.

KL Skyline...old and new 
Favorite Malaysian dish, Ikan Keli Masak Cili (chili catfish)

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