Thursday, July 18, 2013

Published! [Kind of]

Well as many of you know I volunteer regularly at Samsungwon orphanage in Gumi, South Korea.  Recently the founder of KKOOM asked me to contribute to their blog, sharing my experience with the children.  I encourage you to check out the original post here.  Then while you're at it browse through the website to learn more about the amazing things KKOOM is doing for kids here in Korea.

Or if you're too lazy to click that link you can just read this copy of my blog post:

Originally from the suburbs of Milwaukee to what I like to call ‘the suburbs of Gumi’, I’m currently teaching at Buksam High School.  I’ve been volunteering at Samsungwon since April of 2012 which allows me to take a break from the moody teenagers and get my weekly dose of smiles. 
Love these boys 
Before I had the slightest notion that I’d even be living in Korea I was reading stories about Samsungwon orphanage.  Shortly after graduating one of my college friends took off on an adventure to teach in South Korea, wound up in Gumi and soon got involved volunteering at the orphanage.  I followed her blog, in which the children were mentioned a few times and admired, as well as envied the excitement and joy she was experiencing.

Fast forward a few years and I now find myself a year and half into my life in Gumi, somewhere I never could have dreamed to be.  Since April of 2012 I’ve been paying weekly visits to the kids of Samsungwon as well as attending some of the other events sponsored by KKOOM.  I’m confident that my time spent at the orphanage has made my life in Korea more fulfilling, unique and exciting. My co-teachers, students and friends have commented on “how nice it is of me to go there”, as if it’s a chore.  To be honest I’ve never thought of it this way, maybe it’s because the children of Samsungwon are such genuine kids but my time spent there never feels like a burden.
Intense UNO game
My weekly visits usually consist of an “English lesson” where I play games or do activities with four boys (all of whom are like the younger brothers I never had).  Although they sometimes seem reluctant to join I’ve seen them take ‘ownership’ of me, telling other children ‘their’ teacher is there.  Although I don’t like excluding the others, I do enjoy seeing that the kids appreciate my coming.  Aside from these visits the semi-annual parties, sponsored by KKOOM, and the new addition of ‘Sunday visits’ are a great opportunity to spend time with all of the kids, getting to know each and every personality.  Although I don’t know when it will be, saying goodbye to these kids will definitely be a difficult thing to do. 

Christmas party, I may have to bring him home with me

So there you have it - my writing making it out to the real world! 

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