Friday, August 9, 2013

Grinning from Ear to Ear

You know those moments when you just start smiling for no reason, or even better when you sneak out a small giggle while those around you wonder if you might be crazy.  You know what i'm talking about, your mind takes you someplace awesome and you can't help but to break out a grin.  Yeah, well I had a lot of those the last few days - and no i'm not crazy,  I'm just in love...with my life.  

Okay so I actually wrote this post like a year ago and for some reason never finished it, but I'm back in my state of Korea Euphoria so I thought i'd tack on to what I started.  Here's what I had before: 

I've been in Korea for five months (holy shit) and have been lucky enough not to experience homesickness, I mean when I hear about my family digging into ice cream cake for a birthday that i've missed I get a bit jealous, but homesick? Not so much (sorry guys).  I think I have my awesome staff and students to thank for that. 
Last week we had the end of semester teachers field trip and now i'm starting summer classes. I'm luckier than some of the other EPIK teachers since my school is letting me come in at 1pm to teach my two hour class, instead of sitting around all day.  Per our contract we only get 8 full days of paid vacation for the summer so some teachers, regardless of weather or not they have classes to teach, have to be at school for the rest of the time.  Lucky for me, I get my mornings to myself and have a simple two hour camp/conversation class in the afternoons.  
And now here's why I felt the need to finish it up (i'll try to keep it short):

1. Well I still live in Korea (shocker) and am still loving it - so I guess that's a big plus in my book. But seriously, not everyone could "do what i'm doing" so I appreciate the fact that I've found my niche in this country.  Like I previously stated, I owe a big thank you to the friends, co-workers, and students that fill my life.  I'm lucky to have been placed at a school with great people who appreciate my being here and are not afraid to show it.  Every day I feel that barriers are being broken and more students and staff are warming up to me - win, win, win! (even if it has taken over a year for some of them...)  As for my friends, well they're pretty awesome too.  It's funny many of my students have commented that i'm popular and have many friends which makes me want to shake my head.  But I guess, living in a foreign country alone, and speaking a foreign language, it is pretty impressive the group of people i've found to surround myself with - American, South African, or Korea - they all mean the world to me.

2. I just had the opportunity to go home and see tons of friends and family, all of which mean the world to me.  Some people might think that stopping home for two weeks would cause more homesickness upon returning to Korea.  Well, that's definitely not the case for me (again, sorry guys).  I'll write more about my trip home in posts to come, but I can say that it was the perfect two weeks to remind me what an awesome support system I have back home, but also realize and appreciate how much I love my life here.

3. It's summer - okay it's fucking hot but still it's summer which is hands down, without a doubt my favorite season.  My mom will die as she reads this but I actually like sweating (well most of the time) but maybe that's because it takes a lot (I'm talking going for a run in 90% humidity) to make me actually sweat.  So yeah, aside from the fact that the highs for the next few weeks are well above 90, I break a sweat walking to school, and multiple showers per day is the new standard, I'm going to enjoy it all before that terrible thing they call winter rolls around.

 I was actually sweating!
4. Running and Yoga.  I've grown to love both which I'm beyond grateful for.  Thinking back to myself in high school when the though to of a 12 minute run made me cringe I now laugh.  12 minutes? That's just the warm up. But seriously, I can whole heartedly appreciate the fact that i've grown to love fitness and taking care of myself.  In the yoga world i've been pushing myself harder and trying new poses, it's difficult not having an accessible class but online videos and instagram inspiration have been doing the job for now.  Oh and then there's those plans I have for next spring....

Post run this morning
new shoes, shorts, matt and foam roller = happy girl
I love my rooftop here, so much.
5.  Speaking of plans - I have new ones! Which if you know me probably won't come as a big shocker. I swear my mind never takes a second to turn off.  You know in Eat, Pray, Love how she gets the nickname "grocery list" because she can't turn off during meditation - yeah that's me plus like some adderall or something. Anyways back to the point, I've recently (like in the last week, recently) come up with a new plan for what to do after Korea (yes, I am going to leave at some point). As excited as I am about this plan I'll leave you guessing as to what it is, sorry.  It actually extends out nearly 5 years and as much as I agree with the statement "don't plan life just let it happen" it's nice to have an idea of where you'd like it to go.

Just a few lists I made - ADD much? 
I think there was more, or i'm sure there could be more if I sat here for a few minutes and let my brian do what it's best at. Although it's really the best at the pointless wanderings around 3 or 4am, yeah not the best for my sleep schedule.  If you read this post, good for you and thanks!  Sorry for the ramblings and bragging (i'm sure there's a better word) about the perfect place i'm in right now, but as I sat on my yoga matt this morning in Shavasana I knew that there were a few things I just had to get out.  Here's to hoping the happiness continues, even when the temperatures begin to drop and i'm forced into hibernation mode.

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  1. WONDERFUL blog - LOVED EVERY WORD OF IT! I am SO proud of you. Living the dream is so awesome! Love you honeygirl!!!!