Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to the Swing of Things

Since returning from my summer vacation in Taiwan I seem to have adopted a new weekend habit. (okay it's only been two weeks, but still).  The last two weekends have been filled with good friends, good food, lots of dancing and of course a few drinks.  Then by Sunday I try to restore some of the damage i've done to myself by exploring my city by bike.

Last weekend Sara and I decided to join some of the Gyeongju crew (Amanda, Charles, Stu, Ryan and his friend Tanner, who was visiting from Texas) for a night out in Busan.  By the time we all arrived we were starving so we made our way to the Wolfhound for some food.  After satisfying our bellies with some delicious burgers and beer, all accompanied by some terrible live music we decided to head to our next destination.  One quick stop at family mart for some soju and then we made our way to the beach to hang out and drink some cheap drinks - you can get a bottle of soju for like $1 which easily made us all a drink.  After finishing those we went to Rock and Roll bar which is a great place to start the night out in Busan. Plenty of drinks, pool table and good music.  You can request any song your heart desires and that we did.

After requesting just about every song imaginable at the Rock and Roll bar we decided it was time to find a club.  Generally i'm not big on clubs but we were having a good time and wanted to show Ryans friend a good time so off we went.  Thanks to the advice of a Korean girl at the last bar we made our way to (some random place that I don't think I ever even caught the name of) paid our 10,000won to get in and were promptly handed a drink ticket. Fog machines, strobe lights, vodka cranberries, loud music and wall to wall people - what more could you ask for? Jokes aside, the club was actually a lot of fun but we eventually decided to call it a night.  Little did I realize that it was five something in the morning, where did the night go?  Instead of heading straight back to the hostel we figured why not catch the sun rise, which was probably the smartest decision of the night - it was beautiful! 

The next day the group from Gyeongju were headed to a baseball game but Sara and I decided to take a pass.  We opted for hanging out by the beach and then going for a Thai massage - second best decision of the weekend. It was a bit pricey but well worth the glorious two hours of heaven.  New life plan - marry a masseuse.  Sunday came too fast as usual and to kill some time, and get some exercise I decided to wander off on my bike - exploring the more rural side of town.  It started with getting chased by a crazy dog (so glad I was on my bike and not on foot), row upon row of farm land and finally I stumbled upon a cute little river.  Granted I was sweaty and smelly riding around in the heat, but it felt good to get out and explore. 

Fast forward to this weekend I was in Daegu for the International Body painting festival - but more on that later, and afterwards found myself ready for a night out in Daegu.  Originally Sara and I were planning to only stay out until 12 or 1 seeing as the next train after that wasn't until 4am, but per usual that didn't happen.  Recipe for a good night out in Daegu:

add a drink in a bag

throw in some Gangnam style
good friends
and beer pong
And that is how you find yourself half asleep on the train home at 4am wishing that you could just be curled up in your bed at home.  Despite how tired I was and the dread of it already being Sunday (meaning i'd have to wake up and figure out what I was going to teach for the week in a few short hours) I was glad that Sara and I made the poor decisions of staying out later than planned.  Waking up  later Sunday morning, lesson planning was the last thing I wanted to do so instead I ventured off on another bike ride.  This time I avoided the crazy dog, but I did find a random recycling center, puma store, and of course lots of farm land. 


  1. you're right, I wish I could post as I read your blog - it would be so much easier. Sounds like your last two weekends were a blast - time spent with good friends is always fun. I liked all your pictures but I especially liked the "cute faces", "love", "sunrise" and "good friends".
    The farming community is also beautiful - it seems like no matter where you go in Korea, everything is lush green.

    On things for sure, NOBODY would need to belong to a gym if they lived the life you do - always gotta get that exercise in (yoga,hiking & biking)