Friday, October 12, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

After my final bus ride I found myself back in Fukuoka, the underrated and overlooked city where I first started my travels.  It was another early morning as I brushed my teeth in the bus station bathroom debating what I should do with the next few hours.  I had already seen most of the city and lets face it, I was tired, so I decided that a relaxed morning at a coffee shop is what I needed.  I made my way out of the station, greeted with a gorgeous sunny day and headed towards Tenjin, the center of town.  I was a bit stubborn as I wandered the streets looking for the perfect spot.  I wanted good coffee and fresh bakery, no chains stores, starbucks, or day old oversized, overpriced muffins.  I guess I forgot I was in Asia and not Rome or Greece, as what I really wanted was an outdoor cafe along the river, eh no such luck.  After walking in a few circles I was able to find a small bakery where I bought some treats and then settled on "Seattle's Best" outdoor patio - with great views of the "Starbucks" across the street, it'd have to do.  

After taking some time to sit and relax, enjoy my bakery, coffee and book it was time to head towards the ferry terminal.  I arrived a bit early but after the scolding I got in Busan on my way to Japan I figured I better be sure to be there on time.  The check in process was simple and before long I was back on the boat and ready to head home. 

The ferry ride to Japan was simple considering it was overnight and I slept for almost the whole thing, this ride would be a bit of a different story though. We were scheduled to depart Japan at noon, arriving in Busan around 6pm - that left me with 6 hours of me time on a boat. I spent the first hour in and out of napping and reading but as hunger struck I decided to get up and explore the ship.  I packed a lunch remembering that the selection of food on the boat was slim, everything coming from a vending machine for a high price, but I did take advantage of the beer vending machine - they should have more of these things. I also decided to take advantage of the bath on the boat - yep Korean style public bath! Thankfully when I went in there was only one other woman and she paid little attention to me.  Being in a large bathtub on a rocking ferry boat was quite interesting and really gave you an idea of how much you were sloshing back and forth in the ocean.  I guess being awake for the ride let me feel the motion of the boat because this ride was not quite as enjoyable, thankfully I had some Dramamine in my bag, so I popped a few and decided sleeping for the remainder of the trip would be my best option. 

I awoke a few hours later and found that we were nearly back to Busan, looking out the window the sun was already starting to set creating a beautiful sky.  I grabbed my camera and joined other passengers outside as we took in the gorgeous scenery while approaching Busan.

After the random Korean took my picture (on his phone), my photo must be floating all over Asia
This is Korea saying "Welcome home, we missed you" 
The journey was not yet over as I still had a train and one more bus until I would reach my bed (oh how I missed my bed).  Thankfully the rest of the travel went smoothly and before long I was back home, ready to start school the next day. (That's a lie, I wasn't ready - I was wishing I had another 2 days of vacation ahead of me, not two days of school).  At least it was only going to be a short week, and with mid-terms the following week lessons would be easy. Pictures of my vacation and a Konglish lesson it is. 

Home sweet home
Taking advantage of that couch in the back of my classroom 

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  1. Only in Japan, maybe Asian, would they trust the general public with beer in vending machines :)