Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Oh Shit, They're Good"

About two weeks ago there was some talk around school about a staff volleyball team.  Not being very gifted in the volleyball department I didn't pay much attention to it.  I translated one office message that there would be practice on Friday for all interested in joining, again I let this go. The next week there was another message about a "friendly competition" taking place Thursday afternoon versus Impyeong Middle school.  This one I was a bit interested in, my friend Loudine is the English teacher there and so we thought maybe we should go as cheerleaders for our respective schools, if nothing else I knew that would earn me brownie points with the principal! 

윤종태may be small but he can jump!
After the game we asked when they would be playing next and were told there would be a game in Waegwan the next week - eh interesting but probably wouldn't go seeing as that's a 25 minute bus ride away.  Well the next week came and I soon found out this wasn't just any game, it was the local staff volleyball tournament. Loudine and my friend Sara both had half days on Wednesday so they could go watch the festivities.  I wasn't as lucky but thankfully was done with class by 3pm so I could catch the end of the tournament.  On the way Loudine notified me that my school had already destroyed hers and they were already leaving, on their way to a staff dinner.  As we arrived our team was in the 3rd game of the semi-finals, ahead by a small margin with. The gym was full of excitement from staff and even some students' parents who came out to root on our team.  Thankfully we pulled out the win so onto the finals we went.  

We made our way outside where the end of the other semi-final game was taking place.  As the game came to an end I spotted my friend Sara and found out that her team had just won, meaning we'd soon be playing them in the finals! Sara's friend Arno was also standing nearby and asked which team my school was.  When I pointed them out he responded with a "oh shit, they're good" and "that one can really jump and spike", needless to say this gave me a great feeling of pride.  

There was definitely a good match up of ability on the court with the points going back and forth and volleys lasting forrrever. It was probably one of the most exciting volleyball games I've ever watched, every time I was sure a team was about to score someone magically recovered and kept the ball going. In the end though, the first game went to Buksam, only one more and victory would be ours! The second game we started out strong and were soon ahead with almost a 10 point lead.  Although I thought victory would soon be ours the points started to turn in the other direction, the score was soon 12 to 13 and we were only ahead by 1.  The next few minutes were edge of your seat excitement, but in the end Buksam came out the victors! I'm not sure how prestigious this award or accomplishment it, but everyone seemed pretty excited. Plus, I had bragging rights over my friends, just more proof that my school is awesome - sorry Sara and Loudine.


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  1. dannnnng. i miss playing volleyball. i might not be able to this summer and it makes me sad :'( Please play some for me Bo Dog