Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Loudine!!

With the second school year under way it was back to focusing on friends and fun - and just in time because two weeks ago called for Birthday celebrations.  Loudine's Birthday was on Friday so after school we got dolled up and hit the town. We started with dinner at May cafe in Gumi which is super cute, I'll definitely be making a return visit.  This was actually my second time here but the first was only for coffee with one of my teachers so I didn't get to see how good the food was.  I usually avoid the "Italian" restaurants in Korea because they tend to be overpriced and not that great but I think i've found a new gem in Gumi. The food was good, decent wine and all at a great price! 
The angels (as our friend Crazy likes to call us)

 After dinner we made our way downton to Corona, the foreigner hang-out in town.  It's been ages since i've been there - Christmas I think, but it is a convient spot for gathering large groups, plus the owner Sunny is a total doll - oh and Psycho's not bad to look at either ;) Many of Loudines friends came out for the night, we had more cake, lots of drinks and plenty of fun.

My partner in crime :) 
Simon! He's now joined the Gumi crew ~~
We had planed to make it an early night considering we were heading to Busan the next morning, but that wasn't the case - considering I was eating ddukbokki in the cab at 5am ~ slightly out of it and half asleep I threw some clothes in a bag, hopped on my scooter and made my way to the station to meet Caitlin and Loudine for our 11am train...and just like that we arrived in beautiful Busan. We spent the afternoon around the beach, it was gorgeous outside and then made our way back to our motel to rest up and get ready for the evening. 

Beachside entertainment at Haeundae 
We decided to start the evening at Fuzzy Navel with some mexican food and margaritas ~ can't go wrong there. Unfortunately we had a noob waiter that struggled at doing anything we asked of him but thankfully the bar staff down below provided some entertainment for us. While waiting for a table we met a group of guys living near Seoul so after finishing dinner we helped them finish their drinks before making our way to Rock n' Roll bar.  Our friend 동필 made a last minute decision to join us from Daegu, this guy is awesome, so he joined us at the bar around 10.  I was also able to meet up with my friend Rich (from New years and mudfest) before he takes off on a three month excursion through South East Asia.  We spent the night singing and dancing, with a quick intermission to the beach where Loudine, Rich and I lit off sparklers I had brought along (Caitlin and 동필 missed out since they decided to disappear on an hour long walk).  As you can see I failed at taking pictures - i'm pretty sure Loudine has loads more but i've yet to see those.  All in all a great weekend with good friends - I can only hope that we made Loudine's birthday a memorable one. 

Me and 동필 being cute