Friday, May 10, 2013

Livin' the Good Life

Thanks to my awesome staff I was able to sleep in Wednesday morning, oh wait no that's right, my internal clock hates me so I was wide awake at 8am. Not knowing what to do with myself I went for a quick morning run before coming back to get ready for the day, and skype with my Dad.  I left my mom sleeping as I energized myself for the day, running alongside the elementary students going to school, ajusshis heading out to their crops and powerwalking ajummas, good morning Buksam. 

Before long my friend 준우 [Joonwoo] was at my door ready to pick us up and play chauffer/tour guide for the day ~ what a guy! Although my mom was persistent that her main purpose on coming to Korea was just to see me I knew that she'd die to see a temple or two.  Since 준우 was kind enough to drive us I asked if he wouldn't mind taking us to Donghwasa temple in Daegu, having been there once before with Sara I knew it'd please my mom. Unfortunately (for me anyway) the weather was a bit cool that day and there were threats of rain on the horizon - I think mom brought a little of Wisconsin with her.  

Why wouldn't I 
How cute are they? 

I was freezing so 준우 acted as human gloves^^
By the time we finished at the temple we were all starving so back to Gumi we went, this time I figured my mom should get a taste of Korean Chinese food - not quite the fried rice and eggrolls you'd get back home.  I played safe and ordered my mom 잡채밥 [Japchae bap - rice with stir fried sweet potato noodles and julienned veggies] while I went for the 짬뽕 [Jjambbong - spicy seafood noodle soup], and of course some 탕수욕 [Tang su yuk - sweet and sour fried pork] to share. We polished off just about every drop of food on the table, think we were hungry? 

Thinking about it 

After lunch 준우 took us to his cafe so that we could meet his co-workers and owner. As we arrived they were selecting the winners for some event they had going on.  Of course wanting to make us feel welcome they asked us to select a few - wish I would've known about it sooner, the grand prize was a trip for two to Boracay! I soon found out the owner of the cafe also owns HNT travel company so i'm assuming he got some good deals on the prizes (Jeju trip, Geumosan hotel stay, etc).  While looking at the menu I noticed they had what looked like a delicious Bingsu so I told 준우 i'd be back again soon for it, seeing as that's one of my favorite summer treats! I guess he figured there was no reason for me to wait because one soon showed up at our table, along with our coffee drinks.  Let's just say by the time we left I could've rolled home.  

~~ This just makes me laugh ~~ 
Heaven in a bowl? Yes, yes it is 
As we sat enjoying our coffee and bingsu 준우's boss came over to chat with us.  As many Korean's do, he apologized that he can't speak English very well, but also like most Koreans, we communicated just fine.  He told us more about himself (used to be a math teacher in Seoul before meeting his wife and moving to Gumi) and his family, who soon arrived.  He tried inviting my mom and I to his house for dinner but due to our conflicting schedules it didn't seem like that was going to work.  In place of dinner he suggested that we stay at Geumosan hotel for the night, I guess he felt that my sleeping on the floor wasn't suitable.  He broke away to his office (the travel company was conveniently located inside the cafe) and soon came back telling us that the reservation was complete in my name and we could go anytime that was convient for what? THANK YOU! 

No trip is complete without the "Joonwoo big head picture"
준우 continued the hospitality by driving us back to my house, waiting while we packed our bags and proceeded to drive us back to the hotel.  If my dad reads this he's going to fell like he drew the short stick on visits - he got to hike Geumosan followed by walking back to the city. I hope you know it's because I love you dad ~~ Once we got back to the hotel check-in was a breeze and my mom was ready for a shower and relaxing.  준우 and I however decided to take advantage of being at Geumosan and decided to do a quick hike up to the waterfall.  It was enjoyable to be at Guemosan without the crowds and women in heels, but the way down was a bit eire as the sun had completely set by that time.  The long days were finally getting to me and I also was soon ready for sleep - not to mention I wanted to maximize my time in the big, comfy, free bed! 

honeymoonish pose inside our room 
After an amazing night's rest,  the bed seriously felt like a cloud compared to my patch of floor I was getting used to back home, we made our way downstairs for breakfast. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that was included with our nights stay.  My mom and I had plans to head to Gyeongju that day but weren't in much of a rush to do so.  Seeing as we were already at Geumosan and the weather was beautiful we decided to take advantage of the situation and spend some time enjoying the outdoors.  We walked down to the lake enjoying the scenery and a few pictures, as any Korean would.   

Mom thought she was being cute 

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  1. I, personally, think we should have taken even more pictures. These pictures can't even begin to convey the beauty we were surrounded by. In addition to the beautiful weather and great architecture, there were the majestic mountains. This was SO peaceful and relaxing (when I got to sit)although I have to admit, even the walking was pretty awesome. Not to mention, a 5 star hotel was a wonderful bonus. This truly was an exceptional welcome to Korea!!! Thank you again.....I want to return!