Sunday, May 13, 2012


Although there I days I want to tear my hair out due to a poorly behaved class, my students are the thing that make this job interesting.  I'm always amazed at how much the students underestimate their own ability - especially with English. This week I'm doing "dream jobs" with my 1st graders ( a lesson I previously did with the 2nd grade).  Although the majority of the class was barely talking when I asked what different jobs were, their written work was near perfect - and some just comical.

I asked the students to write the following:
1. What is your dream job?
2. Why is that your dream job?
3. What qualities do you need for that job?

Here's a few of the answers I got...

1. Police office
2. Police office appear drama is how many interesting and honst
3. Honst, good, healthy, etc...
(this one came with a disclaimer at the top - "I don't know well spelling")

1. Writer
2. I like watching Drama. So I want to make Drama
3. Study

1. Homemaker
2. I want to have a break

1. Baker
2. I love bread
3. Many eat bread, many make bread

1. Volunteering
2. Help people
3. Love, mind, volunteering, happy, smile
(so sweet but I sure hope she meets a rich husband...)

1. President
2. I want to change the world
3. Study, communication

1. Chicken CEO
2. I like chicken
3. I want a chicken shop

1. To be rich
(don't we all)

This kid may have taken the cake - 
1. Most strongest boy in the world
2. Strongest boy is very pantastic and beautiful and good
3. Every day 10 hours very hard training

I take that back - here's the winner:
1. Programmer/hacker/pianist/psycologist/philosopher
2. I like doing that
3. Do my best haaaaaaarder
Do my effort haaaaaaarder

And then I have the geniuses of my favorite first grade class...
1. My dream job is astronomer
2. Because the universe is so large, huge and fantastic and curious about the galaxy.
3. I have to study astronomy, mathematics, physics.


  1. The one that listed homemaker is an insight to HOW MUCH these kids have to go to school and study. I think she's just asking for a break!

  2. 1. What is your dream job? - magician
    2. Why is that your dream job? - i like to trick people
    3. What qualities do you need for that job? - sneaky and mysterious

    As of now... :-P