Sunday, June 3, 2012

Home Sweet Home

This post is an ode to Buksam, my quaint little town, and all of the people in it.  I had this realization today while traveling around nearby towns that I really love the place I live.

Coming to this country I had no idea where i'd end up, except that it wouldn't be one of the 3 major cities (Seoul, Busan and Daegu).  Then there was the night at orientation when I found out all the "big city" assignments had been given out and there I was, still waiting.  I was nervous, scarred, no make that terrified that I was going to end up in the middle of nowhere, sticks Korea.  The next day came and I found out I was in Chilgok-gun and upon looking at a map found this was close to both Daegu and Gumi - but then there was the flashback to talking to my friend Tami who was in Gumi two years ago, "Don't let this scare you but i'm going to hope you're not placed in Gumi". What did she mean by that?? Is it a bad place, boring, crazy people?? I guessed I would only find out...

Now, after three months I can happily say that I love it here.  Yes, my town is small and I may be one of about five foreigners (however I think there's still some others hiding around here), but I've gotten comfortable in this town and come to adore it.  It's funny how you develop a pride for your home, today I began comparing the locals, shops, restaurants and just general 'feel' of both Waegwon and Daegu to Buksam.  I found myself annoyed by the smallest of things, crosswalks, store clerks, and crowds (Daegu is never lacking those).

So this is to you, residents of Buksam: the fruit man, who throws in an extra apple for me, the adorable baker who's spotted my sweet tooth, the banker that I know dreads helping the foreigner but waves me over with a friendly smile anyway, the ajumas slaving away in their gardens, the adorable children wandering the streets, the power walkers and soccer players at the park, and even the damn roosters that wake me up every morning, okay no - maybe not you guys, but to the rest, thank you.  It is because of you that I love the place I live, it may be small, and have "nothing" to do (as outsiders would say), but I've found my niche and I like it.  Honestly, if my biggest complaint is that I have to take a 30 min bus to the train station, I can live with it.

After another interesting weekend, it's good to be home

My home!
Damn rooster
View from my roof
Lots of these mini parks.

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  1. I hope the lovely people of Buksam know how you feel. I'm thrilled that they have all welcomed you with open arms and helped you to feel at home. Home is not a building but the people and love that surround it.