Sunday, June 3, 2012

My students are awesome

Okay, so I might be a little bit bias because they're my students but none the less you need to check out the video from my school's festival last week.  Not every student had killer dance moves, or the best voice but the participation blew me away.  Put on an event like this in the states and you'd be lucky the have half as many students involved.  I'm glad I finally got to see my kids having fun, relaxing and showing some of their personality - they were deserving of a break after the countless hours spent in the classroom.

The quality might not be the best but I tried to capture at least a bit of each performance.  Some of the best talent comes towards the end so don't give up (sorry that it's 20 minutes long).

Okay, so blogger want's to be difficult and not let me upload the video, i'm assuming since it's too big.  Couldn't even post the full thing on YouTube so I had to split it in two, check it out:

Festival Part One

Festival Part Two

Hope you enjoy!

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